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Post-E3: The Nintendo Rant

June 23rd, 2016

Rob returns to GamerCast to talk about his E3 experience. Then, the gloves come off, as Jay takes it to Nintendo for their meager E3 offerings and the lack of releases for Wii U. Are we owed more? Is there a difference between not getting anything and simply not wanting what we're being given? Hear what the guys think in this penultimate episode of GamerCast.


E3 2016 Round-Up

June 16th, 2016

Jay and Glenn chat about Rob's visit to E3 and talk through all the big news from this year's show. Were there surprises to be had, or did leaks take the wind out of the industry's sails? Which new titles had the biggest impact on the GamerCast crew? What are Jay's thoughts on so many industry personalities moving away from traditional press conference and booth presences? Plus, Jay breaks down the hard points of being a tribute band drummer, and clarifies a question he's been asked about a lot recently.


Gamer Grab Bag: E3 and the Masters of the Universe Edition

June 11th, 2016

Rob and Glenn chat about E3's impending arrival on this edition of GamerCast. Rob's going to be at the big show for the first time and shares how that experience will impact Box Art: A Gaming Documentary. The guys share their anticipated titles, discuss the frequency of spoiled surprises in the internet age, and reflect on the relevance of the show. Plus, Rob spills some stories from his recent shoot for Power of Grayskull.


Return of the Arcade

June 2nd, 2016

With Rob on the road and filming "Power of Grayskull", Glenn and Jay talk about the downfall of the classic video game arcade. What factors lead to the demise of these coin-op palaces? How do modern takes on the arcade concept differ? Most importantly, what do arcades still have to offer in an age of downloadable content, instant gratification and powerful home consoles?