Every era, every genre, and always laced with sarcasm

Homecomings, Cold Pizza, and The Word Eight

March 31st, 2016

The guys take a break from their stringent outline schedule to have a friendly chat about a number of topics. What are Jay and Rob hoping to experience during the upcoming Vegas trip? How do they feel after seeing the final two episodes of Nintendo Quest Power Tour, and why do they feel the series is important? What dare does Glenn think the guys need to wager on while they're in Nevada? Plus, Glenn gets nostalgic when Rob makes him talk about his feelings, Zob has a business proposal, and Jay explains his fear of flying trains.


Gaming By The Numbers

March 24th, 2016

Glenn brings along some stats and data for a unique spin on the classic GamerCast "grab bag" episode. Has gaming become too expensive? How healthy is the gaming industry, and are there warning signs? What's the average age of gamers, and do people really spend more time online than they do playing with each other in person? Plus, Jay argues the merits of the CDI Zelda games' inclusion in the official canon, and Rob tries to get segment ideas for the upcoming Vegas road trip.


Chance and Random Elements

March 17th, 2016

Jay and Glenn welcome Rob back to GamerCast with a discussion about random elements in video games. Can randomness and skill-based gaming co-exist? How random is random, really, and where is the line between pure chance and clever design or programming? How do random rewards enhance or detract from our game experiences? Plus, Rob finally finds his cosplay inspiration.


The Loot Loop

March 10th, 2016

What are the mechanics and the gimmicks that keep Jay and Glenn coming back to a game for hours, days or weeks at a time? How do mobile games retain players, and how are those design choices creeping into traditional console games? What are the best and worst collectibles the guys can recall chasing in games? Plus, Jay talks about the first game that hooked him on a daily basis, and an absent Rob leaves a traditional antagonistic icebreaker for his co-hosts.


Is There Room For Retro?

March 3rd, 2016

In the landscape of video game streaming and competitive gaming, is there room for retro? That's the question Glenn poses to Jay and Rob on this week's episode. What can retro streamers do to make their streams stand out, or is nostalgia enough? What types of old school video games lend themselves to a streaming platform? Why do new games tend to draw big audiences on Twitch? Plus, Glenn hunts down some neigbourhood musicians and hilarity ensues.