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Grab Bag: The Division and The Duke

February 25th, 2016

It's grab bag time again, as Rob spills the details on the Nintendo Quest Power Tour's upcoming broadcast in New Zealand, Jay laments his lack of excitement for Street Fighter V, and Glenn tries to decipher his increasingly complex nicknames. What game would the guys choose to play again for the first time? What VR experiences are Rob and Jay most looking forward to? What game tech do the guys feel was ahead of its time? Plus, Jay does some profane social networking and confesses his superhero-sized secret... if he can remember it.


Under Control

February 18th, 2016

On this episode, the guys discuss the devices we use to play video games with, and how controllers have evolved over the decades. How did the joystick beget the d-pad? How much of a role did the NES controller play in that system's success? Have Mario games influenced Nintendo's controller designs each time a new console is released? Plus, Jay and Rob run down their three least favourite controller designs


The Golden Age of Gaming

February 14th, 2016

If gaming has a golden age, when was it, and what does that term even mean? Jay, Rob and Glenn discuss the matter on this edition of GamerCast, and try to break down gaming history into eras. Are gaming eras marked by events, games, or technological breakthroughs? Does a "golden age" necessarily need to be a by-gone time or place? How does collecting relate to this, and has the advent of downloadable content and internet gaming changed the notion of gaming generations as we know it? Plus, get a preview of the extra content you get when you support GamerCast at with this special extended episode!


Collector’s Corner: The Collecting Disease

February 4th, 2016

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Jay and Rob pay tribute to their friends at Video Game Exchange in DuBois, PA, then have a discussion about the state of the collector's market, two years removed from the "Nintendo Quest" challenge. How would Jay approach a dare on that scale a second time? What sought-after treasure would Rob say no to, and under what circumstances? And, is collecting fever an addiction or a disease? Photo by John Pompa.